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Federation, simpler

A simple to implement and complete federation protocol

Lysand Logo

Made by developers

Lysand is designed and maintained by the developers of the Lysand Server, which uses Lysand for federation. This community could include you! Check out our Git repository to see how you can contribute.

JSON-based APIs

Simple JSON objects are used to represent all data.

MIT Licensed

Lysand is licensed under the MIT License, which allows you to use it for any purpose.

Built-in namespaced extensions

Extensions for common use cases are built-in, such as custom emojis and reactions

Easy to implement

Lysand is designed to be easy to implement in any language.

Secure by default

All requests are signed using advanced cryptographic algorithms.

No Mastodon Situation

Standardization is heavy and designed to break vendor lock-in.

In-Depth Security Docs

Docs provide lots of information on how to program a secure server.

TypeScript Types

TypeScript types are provided for all objects.

Thank you!

The Lysand project is made possible by the hard work of our contributors. Here are some of the people who have helped make Lysand what it is today.

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    Lead DeveloperUI Designer

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    ActivityPub Bridge Developer

Released under the MIT License.